Via Florum has arrived!


It’s here. It is beyond thrilling to finally share this collection of 5 songs with everyone. Available to stream from the regular streaming services (Spotify , Rdio) and for purchase at all the standard digital retailers (itunes, amazon, emusic, etc).

Not a fan of digital? No problem. You can pre-order the LP from our webstore which will be shipping early November for the 12th street date.

Thanks to all! Listen, reblog, repost!

Kisses! - Positive No

Kenny & Tracy have a band that released an ep today!!! Check it out and share!

Frederick Keats

Tracy’s Great Great Grandfather was a pretty successful composer / teacher in the early 1900’s.

Rick Springfield’s Comic Book Heroes album art is so fantastic.

Spark Robot! (from our personal collection).

Spark Robot! (from our personal collection).


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